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    Effortless, classy, comfortable and cute. Ready-to-wear dresses made to make you feel beautiful and excited about your staycation this summer.

  • Mäele Cupid Necklace

    Inspired by the perfect Parisian Vintage finds, representing love in all its forms.

Mäele Tote Bag

Use our cotton tote bag for your everyday essentials, when shopping for groceries, as a gym bag, for a weekend getaway... It’s basically perfect for anything and fits all your very special belongings just perfectly! 🕊

Mäele Cupid Necklace

Say hello to our very special Mäele Cupid Necklace. Inspired by the perfect Parisian Vintage finds, representing love in all its forms. Wear it as a symbol of love towards yourself, or buy it as a gift for someone special. 18k gold plated and natural shell.